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Lowrie J. Daly, S.J., Professor of medieval history and founder of the Vatican Film Library, and Charles J. Ermatinger, Professor of philosophy and first Librarian of the VFL, selecting microfilms at the Vatican Film Library in St. Louis, MO.

Vat. lat. 3868 open in Adobe Bridge; batch processing of embedded metadata attached to TIFFs from which JPEGs and PDFs will be derived.

Gregory Pass, Asst. Dean for Special Collctions and Director of the Vatican Film Library, at work on his HP Compaq Pro 6300 desktop (with Acer B273HU monitor).

Gregory Pass shows student worker Jacob Kopfensteiner how the positive copies of the VFL microfilms are stored for user access.

Gregory Pass and student worker Jacob Kopfensteiner inspecting a positive copy microfilm.

Gregory Pass opens vault where master negative microfilms have been stored since 1958.

Inside vault where master negative microfilms are stored.

Jacob Kopfensteiner retrieves a master negative film from the vault.

Jacob Kopfensteiner examines a postiive microfilm using a Konica Minolta SL 1000 desktop scanner.

View of the Vatican Film Library's research collection, focused on manuscript studies. In the foreground are the printed catalogs of the Vatican Library manuscripts, written mostly in Latin, and the many volumes of Studi e Testi, the international…
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